Gazer TV

Project Description

Gazer NFT Screensaver is an innovative application that gives a user the possibility to put the most popular NFTs on the market as a screensaver on Android TV, manufactured by Gazer.


LAB325 started with defining the process and revisiting all the problems to build the most smooth and user-friendly way of delivery of NFTs directly to customers’ TVs. We did research on top players in the NFT market, and the possibility of cooperation with the most known NFT marketplaces.

We created an AI-based product that allows us to choose and download the most popular NFTs and put them as a screensaver. The app targets the main pain points they have:

  • Find the most popular NFTs on the market;
  • Download NFTs;
  • Put NFT as a screensaver;
  • Choose favorite NFTs from a thousand of the most popular on the market.

Gazer NFT Screensaver helps NFT lovers care for their users in 3 steps:

  • AI-based NFT service;
  • Built-in database of NFT collections;
  • Possibility to download NFTs and put them as a screensaver.

Project Details

Client: Gazer

Number of employees: 51-200 employees

Location: London, UK

Industry: Appliances, Electrical, and Electronics Manufacturing LAB325 client since 2022, project duration – ongoing

Services used: support of existing software solutions, product concept development, software development

Overview: Gazer is an international company which manufacture smart TVs and different car electronics such as multimedia systems, dash cameras, parking radar systems, etc.


Swift Kotlin
for Android




GraphQL, Rest API,
Protocol Buffers
(Google Protobuf)

In-app search:

GraphQL, Rest API,
Protocol Buffers
(Google Protobuf)

Main modules


Main screen


Settings screen


Gallery screen


Favorites manage


NFT collections