Twitch Reverses Decision on ‘Artistic Nudity’ Policy

Twitch Reverses Decision on ‘Artistic Nudity’ Policy

Streaming platform Twitch recently announced a policy change that would allow more adult content, specifically “artistic nudity.” However, this decision backfired as it led to a flood of AI-generated nude images. As a result, Twitch quickly reversed its decision, with CEO Dan Clancy acknowledging that they had gone too far.

In the initial policy update, Twitch had planned to permit certain forms of sexual content, including digitally created nudity. However, this led to an overwhelming amount of AI-generated nudes, prompting a reconsideration of the decision. Twitch’s art community expressed concerns about the influx of such content, leading to the abrupt U-turn.

CEO Dan Clancy explained that the complexity of digital depictions of nudity, particularly with the advancement of artificial intelligence, made it difficult to distinguish between digital art and real photography. Twitch has now decided to disallow depictions of real or fictional nudity, regardless of the medium, with the exception of “incidental nudity” in mature-rated games.

Overall, the policy reversal reflects Twitch’s commitment to making adjustments that better serve the community, though they apologized for the confusion caused by the initial update.

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